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by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

With Alexandra Kookarkin

Equipment needed: 
1 Medicine Ball 3kg -6kgs
1 Pilates Mat
Hi Guys!
This workout is great when you want to sweat fast. The combination of cardio and toning exercises really gets the heart pumping fast and gets us burning calories from the start.
Its so simple, 4 exercises in a circuit style training. You can use a timer on your phone to set 45 secs to 1 minute each exercise and then 10-30 seconds rest in between. The less rest, the harder the workout!

Squat Wall Ball Throws

The higher the wall, the better. Squat holding the ball in front, abs on strong, as you rise throw the ball up onto the wall, then catch the ball on the rebound, squat again. Start with a lighter medicine ball to get the technique right before you go heavier with the ball.

Overhead Tricep Extensions

Hold the medicine ball between both hands and stand tall with your back straight, feet hip width apart, abs engaged. Keep your upper arms close to the sides of your head as your bend and straighten your elbows. Remember you must keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears at all times. Engage your abs and keep your back straight.

Medicine Ball Slams

This exercise is a great full body, multi-joint exercise that generate explosive power from your core in a downward direction. Start standing tall, reach the ball overhead, then slam the ball down to the floor with force, catch and repeat. Make sure you know how bouncy your ball is, I have seen people in the past get a shock ball in their face, catch is very important for this exercise. 

Sit Up

This high intensity exercise engages both your abs and your arm muscles by forcing your arms to support the weight of the medicine ball while your abs support your body weight plus that of the medicine ball. This full sit up must be done is precision and if any pain in your back you must stop. Start with a light weight medicine ball and work your way up to a heavier ball.
Do this circuit 3-4 rounds, and end with a more toned and stronger body! Enjoy!