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by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

Q: Is it better to work out in formfitting or loose clothing?

Show off your shape, ladies! Flowy running pants can, surprisingly, restrict your movements (every tried sprinting in floppy fabrics?). They can also get caught in a machine or cause you to trip. Body Hugging Clothes make it easier to see your muscles working, so you can be sure your form is correct. You don't have to wear skin tight - just pick clothes that fit well and flatter you figure.

And when you like what you’re wearing, you perform better in physical activities.The theory?  “You’re not hung up on insecurities, so your’r more likely to work harder,” says EP Alex Kookarkin. Take this as permission to stock up on some new work out gear. 


Our Beautiful Model Carly is wearing: 

Hibiscus Tee
Lace Back Tank
Power Sculpt Legging