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by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

Where are some of the best destinations to work out?

With so many beautiful places all over the world that all attain exotic and different environments, working out in each and everyone of them would be an amazing experience. 

For a first, Dubai is regarded as one of the most fast growing places in the world and is so beautiful. The sand and the beaches that surround Dubai captures total beauty and is one of the most amazing places internationally to visit. Dubai offers both the beach and city lifestyle, allowing to cater for all individuals. Working out in Dubai is different everyday, whether you hit the beach, go for a walk through the city, go to the gym or go for a run up the sand dunes!

The Hawaii Islands (Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai and Maui) are renowned for their cliffs, waterfalls, tropics and multi-coloured volcanic sand and beaches that surround the Pacific Ocean. Renowned for its water activities, hiking, and numerous activities around the four islands, Hawaii is a massive tourist destination and is beautiful to be active and fit!

Another amazing location is Croatia! Croatia holds more than a thousand Mediterranean islands along the Adriatic Sea across Italy and is one of the most exotic places in the world. Working out during the day on the beaches is one thing, but if you have free time to work out during the night, the historic city at twilight along the 16th century walls and beaches is something different.

Lastly, Rio. Since the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio is regarded as one of the most amazing places in the world.The neighbourhood streets of Rio is surrounded by the beauty of Bohemian Culture, and also attains wetlands, falls, exotic beaches and not to forget the famous ‘Redeemer Statue.’ What better place to workout when you are surrounded by culture and beautiful landscapes!