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Fashion Photographer Lana Noir

by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

Lace Back tank

Gabdala was so excited to be apart of fashion photographer Lana Noir's latest photoshoot that took part in the Gold Coast in mid January!

Lana's favourite aspect of being a photographer was the idea of being able to tell a story through the lens. The details of each frame as the story unfolds if what she views as special, and how a moment caught on camera can tell story of fiction.

One of her biggest role model's in life was David LaChapelle, who was an American commercial photographer, music director, director and fine-art photographer. He is known to many of his photography telling art history and conveying social messages through his artistic pieces. To this day, Lana Noir still has the magazines that embarked her love and passion for photography.

With going to university, Noir's undergraduate studies were specialised in Film and TV, where she excelled in cinematography and lighting. She has also completed her Master in Arts in a Visual Arts degree, majoring in Photography at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. 

As best said by Lana herself, "I love the fact that photography always makes me say “WOW.” I’ll look at an image and think “Yes please”, “Who’s that?”, “I want them”, “I need that”, “That’s incredible”, “Just beautiful”. I’m still under photography’s spell and aim to achieve this allure for audiences with my imagery."

– @LanaNoir