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Sports Bras

by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

There are so many advantages and benefits in regards to wearing a sports bra over an everyday ordinary bra. 

When doing high intensity exercises, playing sport or even just going for a walk or jog, wearing a sports bra can be so beneficial to your health and body. With the help of minimising movement and allowing you to stay comfortable, sports bras also help with maintaining breast shape and avoiding any pain or discomfort in the chest. If you're exercising in just any ordinary day-to-day bra, the muscle ligaments in the breast move up and down, side-to-side with any movement, resulting in this sort of chest pain. Sports bras are designed to produce a secure fit for your breast and get rid of this discomfort.

At Gabdala we have numerous great options in regards to providing three comfortable and on the go sports bras. All three sports bras provide the ultimate comfort, a secure fit, support and are made of breathable material to keep you dry and cool when working up a sweat! The Empower Crop, Inspire Crop & the Galaxy Crop all demonstrate the uplifting support every woman needs when working out, whilst looking beautiful in their patterns and designs!

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Sports Bras