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Three of the Healthiest Smoothies for your Body

by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

(1) Green Smoothie:
Green smoothies are much healthier than just fruit or vegetable juices, this is due to when the juice is extracted, you gain vitamins and minerals without the fibre. Along with this, the green smoothies have added benefits of increased energy, improved digestion, boost immune system, healthy bones and enhanced nutrients.
(2) Carrot, Ginger & Mango Smoothie:
This smoothie is packed with loads of vitamins. With vitamin C, vitamin A and a digestion-soothing ginger, it is a fresh, citrusy antidote to a gloomy day. It is regarded among many as the ‘uplifting smoothie’ as it increases energy and stimulates the brain for the day ahead.
(3) Kale Banana Smoothie:
The Kale Banana smoothie is regarded as one of the healthiest smoothies today. With kale being recognised as a ‘super food,’ and blended with banana, it is renowned for being delicious and good for the body. Kale has so many benefits, ranging from high in iron, vitamin K and vitamin A, it has zero fat. Blended with the benefits of banana’s that contains essential vitamins and minerals of potassium, calcium and magnesium, both kale and banana blend together to create one the most healthiest smoothies.