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Transitioning your Workout Wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

by Elizabeth Kookarkin |

It’s hot one day, cold the next few. It seems like one say you’re in shorts and a t-shirt, and the next you’re rugged up like it’s the middle of winter. So many clothes! In Australia we’re lucky enough that our winters aren’t so extreme that we need a completely different wardrobe to get us through the cold months. As a result, it’s possible to extend our clothes over the year with some clever tricks to make them appropriate for all kinds of weather. 

We've got into that indecisive, stuck in the middle time, where getting dressed becomes a far more daunting task come the end of August. Summer is winding down and autumn is on it’s way, but the weather just won’t make it’s mind up. In other words, it’s transition season. A time when you can’t quite break out the heavy knits but the flouncy dresses you’ve lived in for months on end don’t quite cut it.

So, how can we make the shift both comfortably and fashionably?

While it might be tempting to consider a total closet overhaul and buy a whole load of new autumnal wares, keep in mind that with some strategic styling your favourite summer staples can be repurposed for cooler climes. 

When the outside conditions are uncertain, the trick is to invest in staple items that can be worn both on their own or layered in the months ahead. We have compiled a list of the perfect staple pieces for this time of year that will help you transition from summer to Autumn and will even carry you through winter. 

  1. Buy key pieces that you could layer in winter, but also wear in summer

While buying a singlet or t-shirt in preparation for winter seems like wasted money, but buying the right layering pieces means that it can be perfect for this transition time! These layering pieces will help you to get through some of the colder days of winter going in and out of heated rooms where it isn’t necessary to wear a big parka. Our range of ‘Flyweight Tanks’ are perfect for this, since the range of colours means they can be on rotation throughout your workout week! They are also perfect for working out in, as the sweat you produce is wicked into the fabric, making sure you don’t feel like a sticky mess when you leave all rugged up in a jacket.We also have a range of other tops and shirts perfect for the in-between seasons - check out our range!

  1. Invest in some good quality leggings

I think everyone has at least 5 pairs of the same black leggings in their wardrobe. Why not invest in something more bright and colourful? Paired with a block-coloured shirt, statement leggings are the perfect piece! Leggings are perfect for working out in winter, as they keep you warm when travelling to and from class, yet they still allow you to achieve your full potential. We particularly love these Pipsilk leggings, available on our website!

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good quality black legging - they are truly a staple in every workout wardrobe. However, buying a $10 black legging from Target definitely won’t support you for a season, let alone a whole year. We have a range of styles of black leggings to suit anyone! Check out our products - we’re sure you’ll find something you fall in love with. 

  1. Jackets and parkas will be your best friend

 Possibly our favourite part of our winter wardrobe is breaking out the beautiful jackets and parkas that were hiding in the depths of our summer wardrobe. Jackets, especially, are the perfect transition piece, as they aren’t too heavy, but are perfect on a slightly chilly day. Also, some jackets are perfect for layering under big parkas if you plan on going somewhere bitterly cold. Interested in buying a new jacket or parka? Check out our ‘Essential Jacket’ and ‘Knit Trim Puffer Jacket’ to really make your Autumn/Winter wardrobe more enjoyable!

  1. Don’t forget to be comfortable

There is absolutely nothing worse than being uncomfortable whilst working out. This is not only annoying and makes you dislike exercise a little bit, it also hinders your performance, not allowing you to work to your full potential. Our ‘Roll Neck Jumper’ is perfect for running in by the beach on fresh mornings, as the harsh sea breeze is blocked out by the turtle-neck neckline. Paired with some leggings, you’ll be running like you never have before!

  1. Don’t forget some statement pieces to look and feel fabulous

While the gloom of winter mornings may be hard to bear, some statements are essential to brighten your day. Whether it be a crazy pattern on leggings, or even a brightly-coloured shirt, a bit of colour is the difference between wanting to go back to sleep and getting up for a fun-filled day of exercise and happiness.Check out our range to see if there’s anything that catches your eye - we’re sure there will be.

And there are our tips for the perfect way to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn, preparing for winter. We hope this helps you make the hard decisions of what to put away and what to take out much easier. And remember - while summer is over for now, it’ll come back in 9 months…